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Classic Tour of Florence

Length of tour: 3 hours

Our tour includes a visit to the following sites, all external except the Cathedral:

Piazza del Duomo with its impressive buildings and works of art such as the octagonal Baptistery of San Giovanni with the famous door by Lorenzo Ghiberti, called ‘Gates of Paradise’ by Michelangelo, the Bell Tower designed by Giotto, and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. The entrance to the cathedral is free but the guide is only allowed to speak if the group has a wireless audio guide system. Should your group not be equipped with one, please inform us and we will supply the necessary details.

Palazzo Davanzati, a typical 15th-century residence located in the old medieval quarter of Florence where you can also view some 14th-century tower houses.

Ponte Vecchio (literally “Old Bridge”), the oldest and most particular bridge in Florence renowned for its jewelry and goldsmith shops.

Piazza della Signoria: this has always been and continues to be the center of political and civic life in Florence. Palazzo Vecchio, the 13th-century City Hall, is located here, as is the Loggia dei Lanzi. The L-shaped square is where Florentines and numerous tourists like to converge since it is also near the Uffizi Gallery and the Lungarno (the embankment along the Arno River).

Piazza Santa Croce: this is one of the main squares of the city and takes its name from the Basilica of Santa Croce that overlooks the square. The basilica is one of the oldest and largest Franciscan churches in the world with magnificent works of art. More illustrious Italians are buried here, including many Renaissance masters, than in any other church in Italy, so it is dubbed the Temple of the Italian Glories. In the square, a tournament of Florentine Calcio “historic football” is held yearly in June.

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