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Pitigliano: little jerusalem

Length of Tour: 3 hours

Pitigliano is a small town in the province of Grosseto. It is perched on a ridge of tufa and in fact, it is difficult to discern where the rock ends and the buildings begin. It is known as “Little Jerusalem” because of its well-integrated Jewish community that has been an important part of Pitigliano’s history for centuries.

The first stop of the tour will be at the entry gate to the town. With your local guide, you will enter and walk alongside the Medicean aqueduct to the main square where the 13th-century Palazzo Orsini is located. It is possible to visit, free of charge, the courtyard and the first two rooms of the palazzo.

The visit continues to the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, originally a medieval church, remodeled various times, including in the 16th century. The final stop is at the fascinating historic Jewish Ghetto which was dug into the tufa. The spaces are rather tight so reservations to visit it are obligatory for large groups.
You will visit the ritual bath, the kosher butcher, the unleavened bread bakery, the dye-works, and then, above ground, the ancient Synagogue.
There is an entrance fee to enter the Jewish Quarter and the visit takes about 40 minutes.

The interior of Palazzo Orsini houses the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art that has works in gold and silver, coins, and wooden sculptures such as the Madonna and Child by Jacopo della Quercia.
There is an entrance fee to the museum and the visit takes about 40 minutes. Reservations for groups are obligatory.

For a half day tour of 3 hours, due to the time constraint, it is best to choose to visit either the Jewish Quarter or Palazzo Orsini.

Please note: entrance fees are extra.

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