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classic tour of pisa

Length of Tour: 3 hours

Pisa, an ancient city founded on the right bank of the Arno River, has wonderfully preserved its four “Miracles”, built during its days as a powerful and prestigious Maritime Republic (11th – 14th centuries): the Leaning Tower, from which there is a spectacular panorama that stretches out for kilometers, the Cathedral, full of artistic masterpieces dating from the Middle Ages to the present, the Baptistery, with its very special acoustics, and the Monumental Cemetery, with its impressive frescoes dating to the time of the cemetery’s construction. These monuments are the most admirable examples of Pisa Romanesque architecture and influenced the building style throughout the Mediterranean in that period.

We suggest that at least two of the monuments in Piazza dei Miracoli (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), excluding the Leaning Tower, be visited. To climb the Leaning Tower, the booking can only be made within a specific period of time in relation to the date in question, so it is preferable to climb it on your own during your free time.
Please click on the link of the Opera Primaziale Pisana to get an idea of which monuments might interest you so you can tell us at the time of booking. We will be more than happy to explain how to book the Tower:

Should you wish to only visit one of the monuments, it is possible to visit some of the lesser-known areas of the city such as:
Church of San Sisto
Piazza dei Cavalieri
Borgo Stretto

Please note: entrance fees are extra.

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