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montecatini terme - montecatini alto

Length of Tour: 3 hours

Your local guide will meet you at the time of your preference at the Montecatini train station (where the bus check point is located) or at your hotel if you are staying in Montecatini.

Montecatini Terme is the largest spa town in Italy, renowned for its restorative thermal waters and Belle-Époque architecture.
With the guide, you will walk along the historic Viale Verdi and admire the elegant Art Nouveau exteriors of the many thermal baths. At the top of the avenue, you will find the most famous of these establishments, Terme Tettuccio, which dates back to the 14th century when it was called Bagno Nuovo (new bath house). The name, Tettuccio, derives from the “tettoia” (roof) which was built to cover and protect its hot springs. In 1916, the Florentine architect, Ugo Giovannozzi, designed a new facility based on the concept of ancient Roman spas. The magnificent structure, immersed in a park full of cedars of Lebanon, palm trees, sequoias, acacias, laurels, maritime pines, lindens, and wisterias, has imposing colonnades, tribunes, exedras, fountains, pools, and large flower beds hedged with box.

Should you wish, it is possible to reach the medieval village of Montecatini Alto (elevation 260 m) situated on the top of the hill that dominates Montecatini Terme and countryside. If you have a bus driver, arrangements must be made with him or her.
Alternatively, it is possible to go up by the historic funicular railway (built in 1898) that offers a spectacular panorama. For more information:
This is where Montecatini originated. You will visit Piazza Giusti, the main square that rests between the two small hills of the village, the Church of San Pietro and stroll around the hilltops to admire the view and observe the remains of the fortification of the ancient defensive system.

Please note: The historic funicular railway is only open from 1 April to 31 October and its cost is extra.

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