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Length of Tour: 3 hours

A stroll through Prato’s historical center allows us to acquaint ourselves with this very particular city. It has managed to keep its characteristics, traditions, food and wine, and manner of speaking intact.

The visit begins at the Duomo, Cathedral of Santo Stefano, which houses very important works of art, not only of great value, but representative of life in the city: Donatello’s pulpit, the Chapel of the Holy Belt frescoed by Agnolo Gaddi, the main chapel frescoed by Filippo Lippi, the Madonna dell’Ulivo by the Da Maiano brothers, the Madonna and Child by Giovanni Pisano, and the list goes on. There is an entrance fee to visit the chapel frescoed by Lippi.

Continuing through the charming streets, flanked by many medieval towers, we reach the political heart of the city, Piazza del Comune where the Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall) is located. Town meetings have been held in its Great Council Room for over 700 years. Across the square, you can also admire the imposing medieval Palazzo Pretorio.

The next stop is for those that have a sweet tooth. Just a few steps from Palazzo Datini is the most famous pastry shop in Prato where Cantuccini are made according to the original recipe.

We will also visit Piazza delle Carceri, where side by side, stand two very important historic buildings: the Church of Santa Maria delle Carceri, a Renaissance masterpiece, and the majestic 13th-century Emperor’s Castle, the only castle built by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II in north-central Italy.

Should you wish to extend your tour into a full day tour (6 hours), it would be ideal to include a visit to some of Prato’s excellent museums:
Museo dell’Opera del Duomo (Cathedral Museum)
Museo di Arte Contemporanea – Centro Pecci (Contemporary Arts Center Luigi Pecci)
Museo del Tessuto (Museum of Textiles)

The Museo del Tessuto is a must-see. It is the pride of a town that made its wealth with textiles through the centuries. The museum is dedicated to the promotion of historical and contemporary textile production and art.

We would be very happy to give you further information regarding the museums and help you decide!

Please note: entrance fees are extra.

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